I am a patent reviewer for the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America [JASA logo]

I review (mostly monthly!) patents in the following areas: Music encoding and playback, Music synthesis, Musical instruments: theory, Digital sound recording devices, Sound making devices: not toys and Sound-making toys and gadgets

What this really means is that I (try to) review patents every month. I try to write something useful to the reader of JASA that is not only informative, but perhaps a tad witty. And occasionally, I can't help myself and I become down right nasty. Things that get under my fingernails are mainly lack of citation of prior art. The patent system in the U.S. is seriously broken and should be fixed. My simple proposal: make all patents subject to public review for a year - then the patent examiner decides. This gives everyone a chance to comment.

Patent reviews by year

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