Personal sports

After ignoring my body for a long time, I decided to get back into it. Here are the sports I like:

I play in the over-40 league of Dynamo Soccer. This is part of PA West. These people are serious and I find that my level of play leaves much to be desired. More work and practice is required. My favorite position is midfield, where I can shift back and forth from defense to offense.
I got acquained with squash in graduate school. I find it a considerably like badminton, which I also enjoy. The strange dead ball is like a strange dead bird. This is guaranteed to red-line my cardio-vascular conditioning (or lack of it).
I used to do a lot of road cycling. Back problems prevented returning to it. But newer equipment, including newer bars and stems should help prevent more problems. I am a huge fan of "Le Tour" especially the mountain stages.

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