I am a licensed radio amateur with call sign KB2VSQ. I am not interesting in any of the following: HF, morse code, chewing the fat over the radio or setting records or bouncing waves off the moon. I am interested in digital communication at microwave and LF/VLF frequencies.

LF and VLF

LF and VLF transmission is interesting because of the numerous technical challenges. Antenna sizes are limited by property size and by statute. Digital transmission rates are also small.

I have collected a number of papers on LF and VLF and have put together two annotated bibliographies: one on general LF and VLF techniques and the other on LF and VLF antennas.

For further information on long wave phenomena, see the Longwave Club of America .

I like to attend Dayton on occasion with my nerd buddy Bob. Chronologically, here are my Dayton Hamvention pix:

  1. 2002
  2. 2003
  3. 2004
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  6. 2009

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