In this context, an artifact is something other than a written document. So, I am including both hardware and software. Eventually, there will be links to the relevant code or drawings.


  1. MHDL - MIMIC Hardware description Language (Hardware description language designed for microwave systems)
    • Written in C and YACC/Bison
    • First implementation of type checker using...
    • Still needs lazy evaluation
    • Language design (and implementation) has many problems
  2. t2 - "t square" (3-D description functional language for buildings)
    • Written in C and YACC
    • Generates IGES
    • Completely undocumented
  3. Espectro (Almost complete Spectre(tm) front-end)
    • Written in C and YACC/Bison
    • Easily interfaced to C or C++
    • smoke (Static checker for Plan9 hardware design system)
    • Written in C
    • Could be interfaced to other CAD systems


First, pictures. Schematics are found via "underneath" pictures (if available). PAL equations are not given --- if you have questions, please send email.

  1. DSP.* (Multiprocessor DSP-32 system with time division crossbar)
  2. Gnusic (Custom music processor)
  3. RS-232 to RS-422 interface

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