Consulting Interests

I have consulted for a number of companies, large and small. I am interested in various aspects of DSP system design including software, hardware and patents.


I worked on the Plan9 electronic CAD system known as "CDA". I wrote a static checker smoke that looked for simple errors in MSI and LSI designs as well as a transmission line evaluation program that looked for ringing. I also created analog part libraries for the schematic editor.
Linux device drivers
I have written a Linux device driver for a PCMCIA synthesizer card
Audio DSP
I have developed a prototype melody matching algorithm from sung voice. This was done as preliminary work to index musical databases.


The Gnusic project involved the design of three boards: (1) a board containing 16 Yamaha synth chips with an associated DSP-16 mixer, (2) A multiprocessor DSP-16 board with 5 DSP-16s and associated interconnect and (3) a AES/EBU and SMPTE interface board.


I have been an expert witness on audio DSP hardware patents
RF measurement
I have been involved with prior art research

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