List of Works

[untitled work in progress]
for solo clarinet and live electronics

Quantizations 2: Archytas and Dedekind
for orchestra

Quantizations 1: Skolem's Paradox
for two performers, no instruments, and live electronics

In Differences (2017)
for 12 instruments

Stretched Bookends (Grisey's Tomb) (2017)
for solo triangle and 8-channel live electronics

Three explicated buzzes, as if the eardrum were a speaker (2017)
for 10 instruments

Symmetries Askew (2016)
for Viola and Piano

Two Counterpoints (2016)
for Piano Quartet

Overlapping Variation Segments (2016)
for Horn and Viola

“Sonata” around e (2015)
for Flute Quartet

Inflection and Consequence (2015)
for Violin, Percussion, and Piano

Drifting Convolutions (2015)
for Flute, Clarinet, Percussion, and String Trio

Three Phrases After Britten (2014)
for Piano Quintet

Convolutions and Deviations (2014)
for String Trio